ChrómaCat Mosaic Coloring Book Bundle

The trend of adult coloring books has fascinated me recently. The idea that coloring is soothing took me some time to wrap my head around. When I think of coloring, I think of elementary school and being told to color inside the lines. But it seems like modern society is telling us that coloring can be relaxing and almost therapeutic.

Upon receiving my ChrómaCat package, I was immediately impressed! It came in a great gray box and had the slogan “The extraordinary form of coloring,” written across the front of the box. The inside of the box was lined with beautiful gold paper, sealed with an icon sticker of Our Lady holding Jesus.

Wrapped in the tissue paper was a beautiful Mosaics coloring book, a brand new set of high-quality colored pencils, a pencil sharpener for the pencils, a Magic Rub® eraser (which, according to my ten-year-old daughter, is the only eraser that can really erase colored pencil), and gold envelopes for mailing your coloring pages as gifts.

The ChrómaCat Mosaics book is like an art book mixed with a coloring book. The first half of the book is beautiful collection of colored prints of mosaics, labeled with the name and the location that they appear around the world.

The second half of the book is the coloring-book part. The pictures are duplicates of the beginning of the book, but with greyscale versions of the mosaics that can be colored in to match the colored versions. The coloring pages have slick paper, and the high-quality pencils seem to glide over the paper. There are instructions on the inside about how to achieve certain coloring techniques. It gives interesting tips on how to layer, shadow, and blend and finish the coloring.

I previewed the ChrómaCat Mosaics book, but there are two more books that will be coming soon: Stained Glass and Mary’s Garden.

Based on the instructions on the inside of the book and the videos online, you don’t need to be an artist to be able to enjoy and appreciate this coloring; however I think it’s geared more toward someone who understands the ways to blend colors and create layers of color and different shades of the colors.

The ChrómaCat bundle was just such a well-put together gift, that I imagine sending it to artistic friends who would enjoy the attention to detail, beginning with the package and continuing with the high-quality products and the interesting approach to re-creating mosaic art.

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