Daily Gospel Reflection: 5/4/16

Today’s Gospel: John 16: 12-15

In college, I got my BA in Broadcast Journalism, and we quickly learned that one of the foundational elements of journalism is to ensure you have credible sources for your stories.  For example, if I was to cover a story on the school district’s implementation of a policy, I wouldn’t ask a disgruntled teacher who doesn’t like the policy, I would first begin with the Superintendent’s explanation of the policy.

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook that you just couldn’t believe, that sounded too good to be true?  I find that these headlines, while they seem amazing, come from websites I’ve never heard of.   Anyone can write something on a website, but there are a list of the chosen few websites that I actually trust when it comes to important information.

Thankfully when it comes to matter of the faith, the Lord established the Church for us.  I relish in the beauty of the Magisterium of the Church, which can teach and interpret the faith for us.  It knows and teaches the truth.  It is the most credible source.  The dogmas of our faith have never changed.  And thank God that the Church has been established to interpret our faith for us; I  mean come on, I can’t even interpret what my husband is trying to tell me half the time, how I could I expect to interpret scripture on my own!


Who in your life needs to encounter the truth found in the Church?  How can you share the truth with them?


Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of the Church.  Please help those of us with the gift of the Church to find ways to share the beauty of our faith with those who are searching for it.

Copyright 2016 Courtney Vallejo