Adoption As A First Choice

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I was reading the co-sleeping article that a girlfriend of mine posted. I have also read articles on the La Leche league website that explain the SIDS is increasing because children are not sleeping near their parents at night and therefore not able to mimic the parent's breathing patterns at night. Children need to learn how to breathe at night and if they are by the mother they will pick up on this pattern.

Anywho... at the bottom of the article I saw this link and as a couple that is currently considering adoption, I took a moment to browse it!

I really appreciated that it reminded me that adoption is not just a "second choice" but rather an active choice in how to have children.

I can't stand when people think we are "giving up" on having children of our own if we are considering adoption. Some people have said "what's the rush you haven't been trying that long!" My answer is - We want 8 kids, so at a year and a half with no kids, we've waited long enough in our opinion. Also, we want to give these children that don't have homes, a home. And just in case you were going to ask me what happens if we get pregnant while we are adopting (I also read that only happens in 5% of cases) we'll have 2 babies! I would never take a child into my home and then send him/her on their way because I got pregnant. Would you get rid of your first child if you got pregnant right away with another one? We would simply have our 2 of 8.

UPDATE: What I didn't know when I wrote this article is that I would welcome my 2 kids home, through the gift of Adoption in 2011