Why A Revolution?

I became a mom through the gift of adoption in 2011.  Motherhood was not what I had envisioned.  I recently saw a social media post that eluded to parenting being much easier when we were raising our hypothetical children.  I'm not sure I could completely describe what I envisioned it would be, but I feel like it would include making homemade bread, perfectly decorated children's rooms (complete with those fancy book shelves for kids and a secret fort), and children who always did what they were told. 

In November of 2014 I had a moment when I had been asked one to many times by my husband's work friends, "So what is it you do?" and my response "I stay home with our kids," was met with it's usual eye-roll and the questioneer ending the conversation quickly to move on to "actual people who do something with their lives." I've found all kinds of fancy ways to say I'm a mom, hoping to avoid the ending of those conversations, my most used being, "I'm a teacher by trade but I'm home with the kids right now." I was sick of justifying the choice of being a mom.  I was sick of having to defend why I was a contributing member of society and was starting to believe the lies that stay home moms, or moms in general are wasting their lives.  I had a thought - A Mom Revolution - reclaiming our motherhood, using our feminine strength to thrive in our vocational (God given) call, for all women, of motherhood.  I contemplated the thought for a few months, mentioned it to my husband, probably set up the Facebook page but that was it.   The idea kind of faded out, as whatever parenting season came next and demanded my attention.  

Then in January of 2018, one of my closest friends reached out to me.  Diana and I had lived together as roommates years before, were both in each other's weddings and were now engaging in the adventure of motherhood together.  She was living in Arizona at the time and had an almost 2 year and a 4 month old.  She called me and said she wanted to start a podcast on motherhood and she wanted me to do it with her.  A podcast?? I have a background in media, but a podcast had never crossed my mind.  (Side note - maybe a podcast will come, but not yet.) So we started talking and as it developed I remembered my mom revolution.  I suggested the title and everything clicked.  Ideas of how we would support moms and encourage them, be there to roll our eyes when their kids walked across the clean floor with muddy feet, but also to end the complaining.  After months of talking we realized it came down to the joy in motherhood being stolen, and we would start a revolution to reclaim the joy in motherhood. It's still unfolding as every revolution does, but were beginning to create our battle plan and build up our army.  Things began falling into place.  One thing that I kept noticing, were how eager people were, to jump in and join the revolution, but we continued to remind them that we weren't entirely sure of what we were doing, so enter at your own risk!

Since then, we've begun branding ourselves.  Our mission statement is out there!  Our website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, gmail and twitter, show who we are and how to contact us.  We're venturing into this unknown world of revolt.  In this war, however, so we are already feeling the attacks of our enemy.  We will continue to the fight the good fight along side with our sisters in Christ.  You, mothers, are being thought of!  You are loved by Him and by us. 

Copyright 2018 Courtney Vallejo. All Rights Reserved.

Image credit: Copyright 2018 Courtney Vallejo. All Rights Reserved.