Calling In A Sub

Winter colds have been going around and I had finally caught mine. At first, I wondered if my body was just worn out but once the aching drowsy feelings started moving across my face, I had a feeling I was done for. I dreamed of calling a sub, like I did when I was teacher.   I was jealous of my husband because he could call a sub if he was sick.  I dreamed of what it would be like to lay in bed all day in a quiet home, but I’m a stay at home mom and I homeschool, so that dream was unrealistic on all kinds of levels.   Then it hit me, I woke up in the middle of the night, nauseous and dizzy.  When my husband’s alarm went off at 5:45 the next morning I tried to lift my arm but it was too heavy.  You know the heavy I’m talking about, the sick heavy, the “my whole body aches,” heavy.  “I’m sick, please call a sub,” were the only words I could muster.  My husband didn’t respond right away and I wondered if maybe I had only said that in my head, but a moment later he let me know he had heard me.  There wasn’t an immediate response to whether he’d be calling a sub or not and so I waited till further notice.  I tried testing out my body to see if maybe I was just drowsy but there wasn’t a huge burst of energy.  Surprisingly, he let me know he’d be calling in a sub and covering our kids for the day, and before drifting back to my much-needed sleep, I managed to send him a text about breakfast and something about the kids’ day.  Technically, sick teachers are supposed to send “sub plans,” so I was at least sending a “first period lesson plan.”

Something about motherhood keeps me from sleeping in, in general and so I woke up again by 8am. I stumbled out of bed, feeling not as dizzy or sick as before, noting how beneficial just a few extra hours of sleep can be for my body.

I could hear my children moving around when I woke up and decided I better get up and educated my husband on our schedule for the day.  My kids had classes that day, and paperwork was due at school, which meant my husband was now in charge of getting them to school and making sure everything got turned in correctly.  I started spouting off directions about times to leave and food needed to survive the day, when he stopped me and said, “I’m gonna need to write this down.” Usually he just listens and tries to get as much in his memory as possible, so this time I was rather impressed with his desire to have a list.  

 There were still things that needed to be done that morning, and although I didn’t feel fabulous, life goes on right? I did get some more sleep that day and rallied to do schoolwork with my kids when they returned home in the afternoon.  I was grateful to my husband for being my sub and taking care of our kids.  I was wishing I had planned better so that I could actually get a full day’s rest, but I hadn’t plan to “call in sick” so I didn’t have my “lesson plans” drawn up.

 If you’re the stay at home parent, what do you do when you’re sick?  Do you have family or friends that you call?  Do you have a babysitter that can hang out with the kids while you rest?  Do you have “rainy day” toys that come out when you need to rest? 

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