Back To School

Summer is coming to an end for my school age children, and in extension for me.  The campfires have been put out and the flip flops have been traded in for new school shoes.  The newspapers and television are plastered with ads for the school supplies and accessories that will ensure your child will have the best school year yet. 

Growing up, as we entered into a new school year, we always got new shoes, new uniforms, a new backpack and a new lunch box.  Now as a mother, feeling that same pressure, I started to wonder what was wrong with the backpack and lunchbox from last year, like did they suddenly expire?  I wonder if maybe there's an underlying theme of an unspoken pressure to start new, as someone else.  If this year my daughter decides to get a pink backpack instead of blue one, then maybe that cool girl will be friends with her. 

In our household, we live on a budget and so when the school supply ads start to come out, I sit methodically and go through finding the weekly special to ensure I don't overpay for markers or glue sticks. There’s this fear - markers are $.97 on sale right now but if I wait until later to buy them, then I’m gonna pay $2, so I better stock up while they're on sale. The problem is, I’ve never used all the markers I buy each year. And the markers were just fine in May, why do I suddenly have to throw them out and get new ones?  Maybe it's that idea that the new ones come with a fresh start, the hope of a better year, a different future. I just can't help but wonder if the anxious stress I feel while driving from store to store, looking for the $.50 glue stick, is causing an unnecessarily burden to myself and my family?

By no means am I saying there is something wrong with buying new markers.  I wish I could show you all the look of joy, as I enter my happy place of the school supply sale aisle.  The teacher in me wants to run down the aisle singing some Julie Andrews musical song.  I'm just beginning to wonder, as a mom of 3 school age kiddos, if the unused crayons from last year could stay in the pencil box this year, without ruining my children's lives.  Will they never get into college if I send them with the markers from last school year?  I'm just wondering......

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